When a fire happens, many people are not sure what they can do to help themselves. Many things will be out of your control, but there are some things that you should know to minimize the damage was done, or the potential damage you can cause if you are not aware of how to handle the situation.

Keep your power/water/gas off

power offWhen a fire happens, the power is usually cut from the house to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Once the fire department is done with putting out the fire, and you want to turn the power back on don’t! The water from the firefighting can still be in the walls and pass near the electrical wires, which is a potentially dangerous situation waiting to happen. The same goes for the water and gas.

Don’t turn anything on until a professional checks and gives the OK.

Make sure to ventilate the area

The moment you are allowed back into your house/ business after the fire you should open up the windows and leave them opened. This move will save your furniture and walls from the heavy smoke buildup and will make it faster for anything that was affected to recover from the toxic and bad smells. Lots of the smoke residues have carcinogenic effects, so you have to make the best ventilation you can for a few days. If it’s going to rain than close the windows but find a way to still vent the place.

Start making the list

damageWhen a fire happens to somebody, it’s a catastrophe. To take your mind off the crazy situation, you should start making the list of the things you need to replace. The consequence of a fire does not just leave a bad mark on your walls, but can also affect your psychological state of mind.

To stay healthy and have a clear mind, you should start minimizing the damage on yourself and just make a list of the things you need so once you are in the position to get your life back in order you do so in the fastest time possible.