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Why should you hire a fire restoration company?

Why should you hire a fire restoration company?

Fires aren’t a common thing in America, and during the dry season, many people are facing various challenges and fire is the biggest one. When a fire happens, you would think that cleaning the house after an accident should be your job, but you are working. There are specialized companies which hire fire restoration professionals who can help you with this task. You should keep in mind that these types of things are much more comfortable with someone’s help. So, here are some reasons why need services of fire restoration company.

They will make your home a safe place

Professional fire restoration companies know where to look for potentially dangerous areas and make your home a safe place again and help you avoid further issues. Even though some painting and re-plastering work will make your home look beautiful, you still need to deal with underlying smoke work, which can cause serious health problems. In this case, fire restoration company can help, and solve this issue faster. When some accident happens, it is essential to prevent all the risks and make sure that this situation never arises again and only fire restoration company can help you with that.

They will work faster

Every fire restoration company has a trained team of people who are educated to work on the field. In this way, their crew will come to your house and start working immediately. So, if you are working full – time, you don’t have to organize behind your busy schedule to clean the house. It is important to hire company right after the accident because in this way you will prevent damage from spreading to other areas of your home. Don’t take things into your hands because with the help of a fire restoration company; you house will be clean in a matter of hours.

They can help you with the insurance

Every fire restoration company has been in this business for years, so they have a lot of experience with insurance claims. They can help you with the paperwork, application, and money. With their assistance, we guarantee you will get the money faster because they are experienced with the money claims. Plus, their services are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy, so you aren’t required to pay anything. Keep in mind that trained professional will always perform a better job than you would do and you will be able to charge money from insurance company.

They can help you decide what’s salvageable

When fire damage happens, a lot of people are emotional, and they aren’t able to make clear decisions. In this case, fire restoration company can help you decide which things to keep and which to throw away. You shouldn’t be attached to things that can only cause you damage in the future. Considering that smoke can contaminate the entire house, cleaning the furniture and clothes can be real trouble. So, talk to fire restoration company and decide together which things to get rid of.

How to Save Your Roof from Fire

How to Save Your Roof from Fire

Fire is a very dangerous thing and you should never play with it around or inside the house. Of course, you have heard that sentence about a million times in your life. However, people still somehow manage to burn their home down. They all say that they know about the dangers of a fire, but none of them seem to know how to deal with one. Therefore, we decided that we will help you by giving you few tips on how to save your home. unfortunately, there are some situations where the inside of your home cannot be saved because you cannot walk inside, but you can still save a big part and that is the roof. Just by saving your roof, you can save a lot of money and that is a huge advantage when you need to repair all the damages.

Have a Quality Roof

Quality RoofA key thing that will definitely help you save your roof from fire is to have a high-quality roof installed on your house. That is the number one advice that we can give you. You might think, this is a stupid idea and it will not help you against fire, but you are wrong. If you install a very high-quality roof, then the fire will not affect it. Yes, you heard it right, there are some types of roofing systems that are completely fire resistant. So, if you want to know how to save your roof the easiest way, just have a fire-resistant roof installed. This is one addition that you must have if you want to install a new roof. The roofers detroit are offering these type of highly resistant roofs, you should check them out.

Put Out the Fire

The most obvious way to save your roof from fire damage is to put out the fire. Of course, this is not recommended if you don’t have a safe way to do it. under no circumstances, you should go into a flaming home just to save few items. You should always wait and let the firefighters do their job. however, if you have a hose in your backyard that you can use to spray water on the roof that would help out tremendously. People don’t realize that they can change how things end, if you have the option to spray water on your burning house without getting in danger, then you should do it. If you want to save your roof, then start spraying water onto it. The water will not let the roof to catch on fire and just like that you can save your roof.

The best way to save most of your home is to spray water where the fire is coming from, but that is usually very dangerous, so we recommend that you start spraying your home from top to bottom. This way you will get the maximum coverage with water and you will end up saving most of your home. Before you do any of this, make sure that you have called the fire department.

What you can do to minimize the loss after the fire

What you can do to minimize the loss after the fire

When a fire happens, many people are not sure what they can do to help themselves. Many things will be out of your control, but there are some things that you should know to minimize the damage was done, or the potential damage you can cause if you are not aware of how to handle the situation.

Keep your power/water/gas off

power offWhen a fire happens, the power is usually cut from the house to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Once the fire department is done with putting out the fire, and you want to turn the power back on don’t! The water from the firefighting can still be in the walls and pass near the electrical wires, which is a potentially dangerous situation waiting to happen. The same goes for the water and gas.

Don’t turn anything on until a professional checks and gives the OK.

Make sure to ventilate the area

The moment you are allowed back into your house/ business after the fire you should open up the windows and leave them opened. This move will save your furniture and walls from the heavy smoke buildup and will make it faster for anything that was affected to recover from the toxic and bad smells. Lots of the smoke residues have carcinogenic effects, so you have to make the best ventilation you can for a few days. If it’s going to rain than close the windows but find a way to still vent the place.

Start making the list

damageWhen a fire happens to somebody, it’s a catastrophe. To take your mind off the crazy situation, you should start making the list of the things you need to replace. The consequence of a fire does not just leave a bad mark on your walls, but can also affect your psychological state of mind.

To stay healthy and have a clear mind, you should start minimizing the damage on yourself and just make a list of the things you need so once you are in the position to get your life back in order you do so in the fastest time possible.


Types of damage that can happen to you

Types of damage that can happen to you

The companies that specialize in fire restoration can also help with other things.  Fire is dangerous, but it is not the only thing that can harm your home and your health so make sure to be prepared when any of the following happen to you.

Water damage

Water is one of the biggest damaging things that can happen to your home. It can happen after a big flood or when you have a fire in your house, and the fire department is called to put it out. The problem with water damage that it can stay hidden in the walls and the floors and manifest over time to harm your health.

If you have any leaking spots in your house make sure to call a company that deals with fire restoration to at least come and check your house for water damage. This is a serious issue and should be handled by professionals.

Storm damage

Storm and heavy wind damage is one more troublesome situation you don’t want to find yourself into. But in case you do there are many things to be mindful off. The problem happens when you come back to a half-destroyed home. Do you demolish and rebuild it all or do you try and fix the building by building on the remaining structure?

To answer this question, you will need the help of the professionals. If you build on the remaining structure, but you did not check for additional damage that can manifest in the future you might be making a big financial mistake.

Storm damage

Mold damage

mold damageThis is one of the biggest issues after a fire or a flood. The mold damage can seep into the furniture through your walls and it’s hard to remove it once it starts spreading without professional help.

What you can do is try and keep the space humidity to a minimum, but the real battle is done by the professionals as the mold spreads fast and to even healthy and immune areas.

Tips on how to handle pre and post-fire emergency situations

Tips on how to handle pre and post-fire emergency situations

When you find yourself in a situation that involves out of control fire, we hope that you know what to do in that situation. If you have never been in these kinds of situations and you are unsure what you would do, we have compiled some things you should and should not do. In any case, the primary concern if a fire happens is to secure your own safety.

House on fire

What you should do if you find yourself in a fire situation

Fire ExtinguisherIf there is time, you should check if the fire can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher if not secure that everyone is aware of the fire and move out. If you are in a building that is on fire lower your head closer to the floor. The smoke first fills the upper part of the room then moves to the bottom so if you have trouble breathing you might want to lower your posture to the level under your belt. As soon as you leave try to report the fire to the fire department or the police.

What you should do after the fire

Call people and let them know what happened, and that everyone is okay. Contact the insurance company, ask them what you should do, they have more experience in this situation than you, and their input might be helpful. Contact the fire department and get a copy of a fire report for yourself so you can know the reason of the fire and how it started for future reference and the state of your home at this phase.

What NOT do during a fire

If you are unsure of the type of fire, don’t use water to douse the flame. If the fire was started by electrical problems, the water would just create more problems. Additionally, if the fire began in the kitchen and grease and oil is involved the water will only make things worse.

Don’t be a hero. If the situation is dire and the fire has spread, get yourself out. It’s not your job to look through the fire for stranded people, the fire department will come soon, and with much safer gear they can go in and save whoever is trapped inside. Get yourself out and try to help where you can or just don’t be in the way of the professionals.

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